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George A. Pontikes Jr.


George has been involved in construction and development since the mid-1970s. He founded Satterfield & Pontikes Construction with Tommy Satterfield in 1989. Today, S&P averages $500 million in annual revenue.

As S&P President & CEO, George oversees financial administration and all key management staffing selections. He is an innovator in construction management systems and has pioneered numerous technological advancements. His involvement with Building Information Modeling (BIM) and his financial commitment to testing these processes on his own building produced a project that earned numerous awards, including a national American Institute of Architects (AIA) award for the most inspirational BIM pilot project.

Laura Pontikes


An original founder of Satterfield & Pontikes, Laura has over two decades of diverse construction-industry experience. During that time, she has been involved in all facets of the company’s impressive growth—from a start-up business to a $500 million enterprise.

Her role is based on her lifelong involvement in construction projects, experience that includes everything from running dredge crews in Florida to the development of award-winning buildings. Laura is particularly skilled in financial and project analysis and has an exceptional track record of mentoring emerging subcontractors.

Thomas A. Satterfield, Jr.


Tommy was one of the original founders of Satterfield & Pontikes in 1989, and he served as Chairman and Chief Financial Officer of this company from 1990 to 1997.

Tommy began his investment career at age 13. At 18, he became the youngest graduate of the Stock Market Institute Course on Technical Analysis. Today, Tommy manages a portfolio with over $100 million in assets. He also serves as the Chief Investment Officer of the Caldwell Mill Opportunity Fund and CM Management, President of Tomsat Investment & Trading Co., Inc., Managing Partner of Satterfield Vintage Investments, Managing Investment Partner of AG Family L.P. and Member of the Board of Assemble Systems.