S&P Celebrates 30 Years in Business

Date Posted - 30th Aug 2019 |  Category - News

To celebrate S&P’s 30th anniversary, we have held town hall meetings and Built to Last events at all of our offices over the last several weeks.  A few of the most important takeaways from our meetings:

S&P has had some outstanding accomplishments over our first 30 years.  We have delivered some amazing projects, we have built tremendous relationships, and we have grown some remarkable people.  All the success, all the process and procedure, and all the reinforcement of our culture positions us well for our next 30 years. We have finished our first 30 years strong – we have had excellent results, we have a strong backlog, and we have people prepared to take on more work and greater challenges.

The most important thing each of us can do is reflect on our growth as a company and what has allowed us to succeed. Our core values remain as relevant – and as critical – as ever. We also recognize that to go forward and continue to grow and succeed we need a strong plan and an investment in building resources for the future. Our first 30 years have been incredibly satisfying and rewarding.  We are positioned for another amazing 30 years and eager to get started!

Watch a video recap of our 30-year history…