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Micro Center

Houston, TX

Owner: Micro Center
Architect: Powers Brown Architects

This new 32,000 SF store replaces its previous 610 West Loop store near San Felipe. The $6M project was constructed on a 3.5-acre site and is part of a larger retail development.

The new store includes a large showroom with 50 percent more floor space that offers 40,000 items and 350 computing devices on display. New and expanded departments include a Build Your Own PC section, 3-D printers, do-it-yourself components, and a new Knowledge Bar offering free walk-up tech support.

A unique feature of the project is the 90-foot “tower” rising through the roof that displays the LED-lit Micro Center sign that changes colors at night. Project work also included new parking/paving with 300 vehicle parking spaces, sidewalks, utilities and supporting site improvements.