Build it Twice: Digitally, then Physically

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Sophisticated technology tools are as important to us as a shovel or a hammer.

We’re obsessed with technology, and with good reason. Our Building Information Modeling (BIM) software saves our clients time and money, and creates a transparent, collaborative process. It helps us complete projects on time and under budget, even where other contractors have tried and failed. That’s what drives our ongoing, multi-million dollar investment to enhance our proprietary version of BIM.

The benefit Satterfield & Pontikes brings is using the technology tools as a holistic management process leveraging the power of BIM as an integrated component. We use technology to refine and streamline estimating, pricing, planning, coordination, construction and building operations. S&P routinely uses BIM on projects for schedule and cost management, design conflict detection, coordinating subcontractor work and streamlining efforts to keep work on schedule. With BIM, we can also enhance quality control measures, increase productivity, streamline data sharing and provide more dynamic and informative deliverable.


Measure twice, Cut once

Integrating multidisciplinary design inputs using a single 3‑D model allows interface issues to be identified and resolved in advance of construction, eliminating the cost and time impacts of redesign. The model also enables new and existing assets to be integrated seamlessly.


Greater Predictability

Projects can be visualized at an early stage. The project team uses BIM to ‘build’ the project in a virtual environment, rehearsing complex procedures, optimizing temporary works designs and planning procurement of materials, equipment and manpower.



Through modelling in 3-D the designer/ consultants are forced at a very early stage in the project to make key decisions which will in turn allow a more accurate cost analysis and adherence to budget/cost targets.