Preconstruction Phase

Go beyond site logistic, beyond preliminary estimates… actually manage the preconstruction phase design and budget work to a level of knowledge never before possible. On a weekly basis understand the design progress, the budget impact, and the evolving issues. This powerful tool gives you the ability to make informed decisions quickly for a faster, higher quality design product.

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Construction Phase

By combining schedule logic analysis, trade production rate analysis, and earned value analysis with modeling technology we can determine not only the exact condition of your schedule and budget during the construction process but we can also inform you of ways to improve the outcome. We improve you probability of success.

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Through collaboration, we transform our client’s dreams into stunning images, accurate construction simulations and cutting-edge media/video presentations. These services are used for conceptual design, site analysis and marketing. The power comes with the ability to visualize and understand a project in a universal way.

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The Better Way to Manage Projects

Select Services is a consulting service that provides a unique approach to help you deliver your project on time and within budget on both the design and construction phases.

These services provide a real-time insight into the state of your project as never before possible.