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Harris County Juvenile Justice Center

Houston, TX

Owner: Harris County
Architect: Morris Architects

Renovations to the Harris County Juvenile Justice Center, originally constructed in 1951 as the County’s Criminal Courts Building. The nine-story facility has over 338,000 SF and contains 210 juvenile detention beds, Juvenile Courts, Juvenile Administration, Offices for Justices of the Peace 1 and 2, and the Precinct 1 Constable. The project required partial exterior demolition, complete interior demolition and abatement of asbestos-related material. Another requirement of Harris County was the salvage and re-use of numerous original items from the building, such as desks and benches.

Rich Elwood - Harris County

S&P was committed to keeping us in the loop on all issues. This provided the County peace of mind throughout the construction process, particularly towards the end when milestones must
be met.