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Dallas County Community College District Northlake Building G

Irving, Texas

Owner: Dallas County Community College District
Architect: GSR Andrade Architects

DCCCD Northlake College General Classroom Building consists of a three story 37,000 SF reinforced concrete structure with a masonry and glass façade. At Schematic Design, basic floor plans, MEP and Structural narratives were used to develop the first estimate. Through meetings and Q&A sessions, S&P compiled the level of quality and scope to augment the information available from the design team. Through cursory reviews of the documents as they evolved during Design Development, the scope of the schematic design estimate was continually updated to reflect the value of current design document state. Design and system modifications were made throughout the process to ensure budget compliance. What-if estimates were produced frequently to test design ideas against the project budget. Complete published deliverable estimates were produced at SD, DD. 50% CD and 95% CD. The final scope of the project fulfilled the Owner’s program and enabled the addition of three percent of betterment scope to the project.